Event Two – The GI Open (Mar 26th, 2016)


  • Beginner Division
    Players will sign up as a free agent and teams will be formed by the league. This will help balance teams to ensure everything is fun and fair, and opening the event up to new players.
  • Premiere Division.
    The Premiere Division will have a 12-point roster minimum.
  • No team cap
    With the event being at the Outdoor Park we have a lot more space!
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2016 Event Schedule


E1 – THE INDOOR CHALLENGE (Feb 6th, 2016)

E2 –  THE GI OPEN (Mar 26th, 2016)

E3 – THE SSPB CLASSIC (Apr 23rd, 2016)

E4 – THE MOSSBACK CHALLENGE (Jun 11th, 2016)

E5 – EMPIRE OPEN (Aug 20th, 2016)

E6 – ECLIPSE SHOWDOWN (Oct 1st, 2016)

E7 – NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER (Nov 12th, 2016)

E8 – NEW YEAR SHOWDOWN (Dec 17th, 2016)