NEXT EVENT: Saturday June 20th, 2015


Saturday 20th of June 2015 08:00:00 AM

Registration through APPA will open 5/29/15


Division Info / Updates

This tournament will have two divisions:

TRUE BEGINNER is designed for those that have NEVER played in a tournament.

PREMIERE DIVISION (13-Point Minimum division) this is the same division restriction we ran on our events earlier this year!


Congratulations to our top placers from the January 18th event!!!

1st place
Tormented CBK

tormented cbk
2nd place Break
Killers Northwest

2nd place
3rd Place
Jurrasic 44

3rd place

FORMAT: 3-Man Center Flag

Round Robin Format for both Prelims and Finals.

Top 4 Teams from Prelims move onto finals.

3-minute time limit.


Eliminations – 0 points

Live Players at the end of the game – 1 point each

First Flag Pull – 3 points
To have possession of the flag you must take the flag and get three full steps.

Flag Hang – 4 points
The flag is to be hung on the opponents start station. If you hang the flag on your own start station points will be awarded to the opposing team.


We have reduced the entry fee & prize package for the TRUE BEGINNER division in an effort to encourage players to step up & out of the beginner division when they are ready.

Premier Division Prizes

1st Place – 12 cases of DBS Field paintballs.

2nd Place – 6 cases of DBS Field paintballs.

3rd place – 3 cases of DBS Field paintballs.

True Beginner Division Prizes

1st Place – 3 cases of paintballs.

2nd Place – 3 free entry passes to any DBS location.

3rd Place – 3 free entry passes to any DBS location.


DBS Outdoor Paintball Park

9600 115th AVE SE

Snohomish, WA 98290



Entry & Air Fee of $75 per team
No additional fee for rostering a fourth player.

Entry & Air Fee of $120 per team
No additional fee for rostering a fourth player.


Event Paint Only.
Anyone found using paint not purchased at the event will be disqualified.

Paint will be available throughout the tournament. We accept cash, Visa, or MasterCard only.


DBS Field Grade Paintballs
$50.00 per box.

DXS Bronze Paintballs
$60.00 per box.

DXS Silver Paintballs
$70.00 per box.


6:00 AM – Gates Open / Check-In & Paint Sales Open

The Gates will open promptly at 6:00 AM. Your team will need to check in together. When checking in your team will receive a copy of the master game schedule. The schedule will also be available up front throughout the day. Check-In will take place within the normal DBS front office. Paint sales will also happen from the Check-In area.

7:40 AM – Captains Meeting

We will host a 5-minute captains meeting to cover the basics of how games will run, penalties, etc.

Important items:

BPS Limit – 12.5 BPS.
Firing Mode – Any firing mode is fine (yes you can use full auto).
Velcoity Limit – 300 FPS.

We like to keep it simple for two reasons. First, it is easier for the players. Second, it is easier for the referees.

7:50 AM – First 4 team to field entrance

This allows our staff time to check the teams prior to the first game start time at 8:00 AM. Prior to each game you play our staff will chronograph all players markers.

Pre-Game Procedure

In order to keep things moving your team will be required to be at the field entry point before the game scheduled prior to your game starts. This will give our staff time to chronograph your players and make adjustments as needed.

If your team / player is not at the field entry point before the game scheduled prior to your game starts we will not allow any additional time for your team to make adjustments. This means that when the game before your game ends we will send your team onto the field and start the game. If you get to the field entry point before the game prior to yours starts we will allow some time to make adjustments.

8:00 AM – First Game Starts

The first game will start promptly at 8:00 AM. The master schedule is more of a guideline, so please be aware of where we are on the schedule and ensure you are at the field entry point when you should be. We will have staff helping keep teams up to date and get them to the field entry point on time, but it is ultimately your responsibility to be there early.

Event will conclude by 11:45 AM.


Playing-On with a hit that does not massively effect the outcome of the game will result in you being eliminated from the game along with a team mate also being eliminated. Obvious & obvious hits will both be penalized.

Playing-On with a hit that massively effect the outcome of the game will result in you being eliminated from the game along with two teammates being eliminated also. Obvious & obvious hits will both be penalized.

Overshooting is intentionally shooting someone after they have called themselves out. If a player has hits on them and continues to play then it is expected that they will continue to get shot. To be clear, there are also times that players come out quickly to make a snap shot, or have not seen the eliminated player, and fire paint down a lane hitting an eliminated player. To be clear, that would not be Overshooting. Overshooting is intentionally shooting eliminated player. So, in order for a referee to call an overshooting penalty a referee must be able to first see that the player clearly knew the player was already eliminated. Second, that they shot the player. If a player is found overshooting the referee can eliminate the player from the game. If overshooting continues to be a problem with that player they will be removed from the event.

To clarify overshooting – I was playing at PSP MAO. They use a lot of the pills and other bunkers that make it difficult to see everything you can shoot at. I do not remember which bunker it was, but there was a bunker that was blocking my view of the dorito corner player. I was on the snake side of the field and knew there was a player that was in that bunker so I was shooting at it. I could not see that the player was eliminated. I couldn’t even see the player, I just knew there was someone there. The player got hit, and just sat in his bunker. The referees came over and gave me an overshooting penalty. I had no idea the player was eliminated. If that player would have left the field when he was hit, it wouldn’t have happened. So, if you get hit, get off the field. If you get hit again I will apologize to you now, sorry, it is paintball and it happens. IF, the referee staff thinks that it was clear that a player shot you after you were hit, knew you were out, AND meant to shoot you then they will eliminate that player from the game.

If you get a penalty and there are no remaining players on your team to remove from the game the other team will be given a player back for each player that was not removed from the game. This means if you are the last player alive and get a 1-for-1 penalty you will be eliminated and we will put a player from the other team back in, which will result in them getting points for being alive, will get them the points for the flag pull (if the flag was not pulled prior to all other players being eliminated), and will get them the points for the flag hang.




Player Ranking based on APPA.

Points – points will be assigned based on player ranking. A D5 player (or an unranked player) is 5 points. A D4 Player is 4 poitns. A D3 player is 3 points. Etc.

13 Point Roster Minimum from your 3 highest ranked / lowest point players.

PLEASE NOTE: APPA cannot verify your roster, so if you are unsure if your roster is valid please contact Danny via email (danny@doodlebugsportz.com).


We will be using the APPA system. If you need help registering please contact Danny via email (danny@doodlebugsportz.com).



Please Note: This event will sell out. If you register after we sell out we will refund your entry fee.