2014 Event Cancelled.

From Danny Cort:

Unfortunately with the 1,001 things I have going I am not able to make this happen to the level I would like to see so I am going to cancel the events in 2014.

I apologize to everyone that was excited for the events. There are other events out there, with Ninjaball (www.ninjaball.co) being a great one. We are so busy at DBS putting an event together right now and doing it properly is not in the cards for me. I will be doing Survivor Series in 2015, and doing it right. This gives me enough time to ensure it is a high quality event.

Trust me, I put my all into making things jive at DBS and in the local paintball community, sometimes things do not always work out. Don’t take that as this won’t happen in the future, take it as this event didn’t work out and as always I will take what I have learned and put it into my future projects.


Danny Cort